Mary kay sues dating site dating ohne anmeldung

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Four months later he hid in her garage until she came home, stabbed her ten times, and stomped on her head.She had to undergo extensive surgery, including replacing part of her skull with a “synthetic component.” Ridley was later charged with killing a woman in Phoenix and committed suicide.Instead, she met "an individual whose intentions are not to find a mate, but to find victims to kill or rape," the complaint alleges.

said in a statement Monday that Beckman’s experience was horrible but the lawsuit is “absurd.” It said Beckman was a victim of a “sick, twisted” man with no known criminal record.

Boasting huge successes in engagements and marriages, these companies are extremely popular and valued in the tens of millions of dollars.

Not everyone is happy with online dating, however, and these websites have faced their share of legal action.

"What happened to Mary Kay Beckman is horrible, but this lawsuit is absurd," said in a statement to Courthouse News.

The dating site called Ridley a "sick, twisted individual with no prior criminal record," who didn't reflect the rest of the community.

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