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It may be easy enough to define her occupation, but the woman, Mila Kamour, is truly indescribable.At a moment’s notice she can be ambition, intrigue, and more—all wound tightly within her petite frame.Of course, these clusters are no common event, but they do occur once in a while. equities heading towards all-time highs and the kick-off of the second quarter earnings season, insider buying has been somewhat silent of late.

I know, I know--I'm a bad innawebs mommy, but the weather got hawt and I had to hit the doh! Sexy men really do seem to come out of the woodworks, and since I am now officially on my "Get Sexy 4 Summer" kick, I am feeling full Diva mode (I'm sexy, you know it, and yeah you do want me) coming on.

Robert (the cute guy I date off and on) has told me that I am the worst serial flirting offender he's ever known, and I can believe him! ), so when men strike up a conversation with me, I will talk to them and before you know it, I'm doing the cute giggle-tittery laugh, touching his arm and getting him all geeked up to ask me out. Now don't get it twisted, I enjoy all of the attention from the guys that I like, but when a man wants to act a certified monkey doodle fool because you don't want him is when I have to start handing out tongue lashings like a mofo.

I flirt without knowing that I'm doing it, because honestly, some of the men I flirt with aren't even my type, but I can't seem to help myself. *sigh* I wish I knew how to turn it off at times (especially when dude looks like Cleotus Clump from Nutfunk, TN... You have seen me when people have raised my ire because of this blog, please believe and trust me when I tell you that a sistah is 100 times worse IRL.

All kinds, spanish, blacks, gays, whites all kinds. with getting a 2.00 raise) But when I first got here all he did was say hi, didnt even look me in my eyes when he talked to me. Well he has picked on me while i have been here for 8months. The word was, one night a cross was burnt in their front yard.

I think that is rude, when people look away while you are talking to them. Needless to say, the kids didn't even come back to school to get there things.

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