Project summary task not updating

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The project can then continue indefinitely without financial management, or the project administrator can enable financial management for the project.

The figure shows the project lifecycle of how you can first perform work planning and at a later point start managing the financial aspects of your projects.

Physical % Complete is a measure of how “done” a task actually is.

Generally speaking, it’s the most appropriate measure of how done the task is – especially when compared to other typical measures like % Complete or % Work Complete – which track how much duration and work we’ve consumed respectively.

For example, you have a project related to a sales opportunity and the project manager must assess the schedule and staffing needs.In software, I would identify rules of credit to define when I am allowed to change Physical % Complete.For instance, an architectural review may net me 25%, architect approval 50%, customer sign off 100%.I've seen 50 iterations of this same question on this forum which were all given unsatisfying answers. I have indented a few tasks below it) and each of these sub tasks I would like to start on a date further in the future.The main task, however, I would like to start before each of the sub-tasks begin.

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