Intellect and online dating

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I’m a nerd, and it’s always hindered me when it comes to dating. And I’m planning to spend the rest of my life in academia. I’m not an elitist and don’t think I’m any better than anybody else; but men tend to either get intimidated by me, or think I must be unattainable, aloof, or snobby because of my intelligence.I’m happy with what I’ve done and I’ve spent most of my life in school; I have two master’s degrees and am finishing up my Ph. I don’t talk about work all the time, and I don’t expect the men I’m with to have the same level of education, nor do I think it’s essential or a marker of someone’s worth; it was simply what was most enjoyable for me personally.There are even dating apps that cater to the intellectually inclined, playing on their distaste for the usual vapid hook up culture so prevalent in online dating.These people want you to know that in addition to long walks on the beach, and a love of Italian food, ‘Hey, I’m here for brains, not beauty.’ However, sapiosexuality has also sparked a bit of a backlash for being elitist, and for trying to make a personal preference a definitive sexual orientation. What about the average Joe not trying to make a statement about the abysmal nature of online dating?

While there are many upsides to our accessibility for instant news, communication, and gratification, there is always a flip side.

There is no denying it, when you walk into a bar and scan the room for a potential mate, initially, looks draw you in.

But for the long haul, it’s what’s between your ears, not between your legs, that will seal the deal.

Like the usual dating app fare, there are metrics one can look to aid in deciding if one likes a particular individual or not.

Photos are a given, of course, but there's also height, ethnicity, education, even smoking preferences, and a handful more.

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