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could've been an American institution if it had the foresight to realize it's hard to successfully have a franchise if the whole nation is in on the ruse of the show. A show about a beauty dating mediocre men on Channel Islands — 's smarter wife learned to keep the deception under wraps more successfully, and thus survived for four seasons.The FOX series, which featured a series of castle-bound women who thought they were competing for Prince Harry (bless) but spoiler alert: it's a lookalike.' Average' means 'in the middle' or 'not extreme', and ' Joe' is a common male name.So 'average Joe' refers to a man who is not extremely different from everyone else.in the central role." The suit also alleges that the few people of color who have been chosen to compete are often eliminated after the first few rose ceremonies.Nashville-based plaintiffs Nathaniel Claybrooks and Christopher Johnson assert in their complaint that: "'Dancing with the Stars' and 'Extreme Makeover' only involve platonic, as opposed to romantic, relationships among the cast members.Average Joe was a reality-based, dating game show which premiered in the NBC television network in 2003.

MGM Television and Grandma’s House Entertainment produce, with MGM serving as the worldwide distributor of the series outside of the U.

Set in the Caribbean Islands, it features single men and women.

After face-to-face meetings, a participant picks a mate based on instant chemistry.

A former beauty queen is wooed by 16 men who are seldom mistaken for hunks.

The midseason addition of a batch of good-looking guys to stir the pot amped the ratings, which led to the more scenic (if equally tacky) follow-up series `Average Joe: Hawaii' and `Average Joe: Adam Returns,' a four-week second chance for the first season's loser.

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