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(b) Required paperwork and documentation for processing in accordance with Section 2 of this administrative regulation has not been completed but is expected to be completed in two (2) weeks or less; or (47) "Integrated employment site" means the location of an activity or job that provides regular interaction with people without disabilities, excluding service providers, to the same extent that a worker without disabilities in a comparable position interacts with others.

(51) "Level of care determination" means a determination by the department that an individual meets patient status criteria for an intermediate care facility for individuals with intellectual disabilities as established in 907 KAR 2.

The legislation also required FDA to develop an Action Plan based on the report findings and input from stakeholders, issued in August 2014.

This administrative regulation establishes the service and coverage policies for the Supports for Community Living (SCL) waiver program.Our Office of Minority Health developed a tool kit and posted several public service announcements on FDA’s You Tube channel aimed at engaging patient participation.And we are currently reviewing the public comments from a range of organizations that we received to the public docket that was opened at the time of the public meeting.Complete logs as well as server and client conf file attached to help with debugging.Well, arch is using openssl 1.1.0, which we did not support before 2.4.3 - and I wouldn't be surprised if their certificate checking rules changed between 1.0.x and 1.1.x What happens if you use a certificate set (ca, client, server) generated on an openssl 1.0.x box on the 1.1.x client/server pair, or vice versa?

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