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"She's a transgendered woman," said actress Karla Mosley of her character Maya Avant, a model who is currently dating Rick Forrester on the storied soap. It's the next community that deserves to be recognized and respected in our media." NEWS: Transgender Teen Jazz Jennings is Getting Her Own TLC Reality Show Maya has been keeping her secret under wraps until her younger sister Nicole (Reign Edwards) arrived in town and threatened to expose that her older sister was once her older brother Myron.While Maya is fearful of the truth coming out, Mosley was thrilled to learn about the surprising development for her character.Macy Alexander is a fictional character in the American soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.Originator Bobbie Eakes played the role from 1989 to 2000, appeared briefly in 2001, and returned again from 2002 to 2003.Nicole then reveals that Maya's real name is Myron and she is actually Nicole's brother, revealing that Maya is a transgender woman.

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Liam came in and Wyatt said he had to show Hope the piece for the line.Nicole admits to Maya that she knows Maya's secret and that she hasn't told Rick.Maya confronts Nicole about what she has over her head saying she hasn't done anything wrong and that Rick knows everything about her.Rick then offers that Nicole stay at the mansion after she had a falling out with her roommate.Nicole accepts the offer, but Maya still seems unsure.

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