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For there is a dichotomy about trying to write music 75 years on, for unchangeable visual material that is fixed in its values and codes of practise.There is also no point in resorting to the usual insipid pastiche, or in trying to recreate the comfortable, anaesthetic, trivialising and condescending effect of Hollywood music.Det er ikke et krav at verk som programmeres må være skapt av medlemmer i Komponistforeningen, vi er en fag- og interesseorganisasjon som jobber for alle som arbeider med lyd som kunstnerisk uttrykksform.Bruk gjerne vår hashtag #komponisti100 når du deler bilder eller skriver fra arrangementer knyttet til feiringen i sosiale medier.The administration of Transposition reports to the director and board of MIC Music Information Centre Norway and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Hanoi.

Derfor inviterer vi hele musikklivet til å bidra til en manifestasjon av den musikken som er skapt her i Norge de siste hundre år.The multilayering, including voicing, is not only witty and quicksilver but is also full of literary, historic and cultural allusions that both illustrate and subvert the visual images.PROGRAMME NOTE Since making experimental films about film and music, I have thought about and practised the possibilities of a new aesthetic about film and music, and some form of escape from the 9 to 5 approach of film and TV producers.Film, now, is an entertainment industry offering the composer little beyond pocket money, usually at a cost to his spirit.The freely creative possibilities of combining live music with silent film offer a different field in which to work."The audience in a theatre regulates the performance" (Brecht), and for me the best place for the composer to work now, (outside the concert hall), is in the opera house.

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