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And sexting is a big part -- I never heard about it until this episode. He has a tough past and doesn't have any parents in his life, but he's doing very well -- he's in the gifted program and has a very smart, kind girlfriend now.After we had the read through and I found out that Alli is having the sexting storyline, I knew that this is an issue. In season nine, he's trying to climb up even higher and branch out, starting with the basketball team.

This systemic thinking is what real politics is all about.

When Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May stepped out onto Downing Street on April 18 to call a snap election for June 8, no one expected it.

Since becoming prime minister in July 2016 after David Cameron’s sudden resignation, she had made clear, on six separate occasions, that she would call one.

(In February, the newspaper’s political editor, James Slack, became May’s chief of staff.) This wouldn’t be an election to elect the next government; it would be an election to elect Theresa May—a “vanity election,” a “sham,” a “fake,” in the words of her detractors, a cynical move for her to cash in her chips while she could.

The predicted majority—200 seats, by some counts—was too tempting to turn down.

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