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Scarce early edition and we were unable to find a collation, though pagination is consistent and appears complete.

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Materials on China that are written in western languages are located in the Gardner (Main) Stacks of the Doe Library and other subject libraries on campus. It also contains some of Fryer's translations of Western scientific and technological works, 5,000 lantern slides, and original manuscripts submitted by contestants in a novel writing contest Fryer organized in 1895, which were published recently as a 14-volume 清末時新小說集 (2011).Chinese rare book collection: It contains over 800 titles in over 11,000 volumes dated before 1795, including 43 titles printed during the Song (960-1279) and Yuan (1271-1368) Dynasties, and manuscripts that were hand copied by well-known scholars.The East Asian Library has published a Chinese rare book catalog 柏克萊加州大学東亞圖書館中文古籍善本書志 (2005), and a catalog on its rare Chinese manuscripts 柏克萊加州大學東亞圖書館藏稿鈔校本叢刊 (2006, 2013).The collection of rare books from the Song and Yuan period in the library was also published in 2014.The Stone and Bronze Rubbings: The collection includes more than 2,000 items of fine model copybooks of Chinese calligraphy and stone rubbings.

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