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She only gave birth days ago, but Lost actress Evangeline Lilly has already been snapped out and about with her adorable new-born, whose name has currently not been revealed.The 31-year-old new mother took her youngster to a local supermarket in Oahu, Hawaii with her boyfriend Norman Kali.Despite her joining the Peace Corps, she also founded and ran a world development and human rights committee at the University of British Columbia. ' But the irony of it is, that's exactly why you'd want to date them—everyone needs something to ground them in their life, and often for public figures, that's their partner.", I was a broke university student living in the crappiest part of town, with a duct-taped back window on a broken-down car.Nicole Evangeline Lilly was born a native Canadian (and is fluent in French).

It was no hard times at all for her even though she has to live in a grass hut in the Philippines jungles for the consequence.Evangeline was almost not able to work with the cast because she had problems obtaining a work visa, and got the visa after filming for the "" had already begun.She was engaged to co-star Dominic Monaghan from 2004 to 2009. Because they think, ‘Why would she want to date me?I existed on peanut butter and tea," she told the mag.

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