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When you follow somebody, you have a chance to track new events happening in his/her live.The word “Instagram” is a combination of parts of two or more words (called “blend” in linguistics, which means a process by which a new word is created, see below), that form the main idea of this social media creation: Instant camera Telegram.

I work on Google and Slack, get updates about my neighborhood on Nextdoor, stay in touch with friends and family on Instagram and Snapchat, and get motivated to work out and eat right with a health-focused Facebook Group. If there is a corner of the Internet where you go to read updates from strangers because the subject matter is of interest, you too understand the perks of online communities. Do you use these language terms chatting online as well?In our blog, we would like to focus on Instagram communication.The facility was so crowded with people swept up by police during unrest that he hadn't been booked, which meant his name wasn't in the jail's system yet and so no one could find him.His attorney, Steve Beatty, was able to locate him Wednesday and to get him released on his own recognizance that night.

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