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The Pakistan Chitral ACE offer's is anexcellent pure indica bred in the Iberian Peninsula since middle 90’s.Ithas been picked and reproduced by Cannabiogen for more than 5 generationsin order to get the best hash plant expressions and to keep a wide geneticdiversity in the population.Nizamud Shah, the commander of Chitral Scouts force, says the avalanche struck the town of Chitral late Saturday.He says rescuers have retrieved 13 bodies and efforts are underway to reach any survivors.The green phenotype may produce a bit more potent and resinous plants while thecoloured ones are a real show due to the forest fruits scents and the pink,red and purple colours that adopted when ripening.It is, without anydoubt, one of the most beautiful cannabis indica expressions everexperienced.STRUCTURECannabis Indica structure with mid nods, wide leaves and branchy growing. BOUQUETGreat scent diversity, always round and penetrating.

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Anyone who knows good hash has heard the name – and likely worked with – Pakistan Chitral Kush.

It is believed that in 1320 the population of the Kafirs was 200,000.

This has now reduced to a mere three to four thousand.

From the perspective of pure aesthetics, few cannabis plants even come close to matching this Pakistan Chitral Kush pheno.

Kim Victoria Cattrall (born 21 August 1956) is a British actress.

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