Symantec definitions not updating

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\globalroot\systemroot\system32\when i run that scan could that be blocking it or something? Open Notepad and paste it in to notepad with the first line being killall:: 4. Been trying for two days to update the virus definitions. About 3% update will download then it is if it can't load anymore. Click 'Help & Support' on your norton window, and then About, to see what version you have got. Something seems to be wrong with connecting the server.? I'm using Norton 360 v; Windows XP SP3; Automatic update is on. With Norton Live Update it will run a little whild and say it is downloading updates. I've tried both FTP and the other link from the support link. You will most likely have to do a manual 'Run Live Update' from the bottom of your Norton window to get it, and then do a 'Restart'. After about an hour the one-click update checking of my Norton 360 came back to say the internet connection was not good!Hi poppy Please see if you can download malwarebytes from this site instead.Download the free version, install and update then run a FULL scan.These clients are configured to receive their updates from their Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM).The SEPM shows old virus definitions in "Admin Server Activity logs may provide details on the nature of the failure.

For more information about the tool or to download the latest versions, see "Microsoft Exchange Analyzers" at Also, have you tried running 'Malwarebytes, just in case you have any malware ? Download the free version, install, update, then do a full scan. As you haven't used your laptop for so long, have you done a manual 'Windows Update' since you started it up again.Then, it always comes back with something like "unable to load all the updates" so I keep doing that. I've tried to download the Malware bytes but, now that I think of it, everything I try to download will download about 3 % then it will seem to "hang up" and acts like it won't download anymore.linkid=34707.] If the Exchange Server Analyzer finds that the value data for the Bin Hub Stamp registry key has not been updated in more than 30 days, the Exchange Server Analyzer displays a warning.Symantec antivirus for Microsoft Exchange Server provides antivirus protection for Exchange Server.

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