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‘Cheers to not giving a sh*t what people think about your body or the way you dress.Cheers to embracing what we’ve been told not to wear because it doesn’t “flatter our body type”.But with real estate at a premium, especially in this charming area, they try to use it as efficiently as possible.As you enter, there’s a little waiting area on the right with a bulletin board and seating. Through the hustle and bustle of this busy place, a welcoming sign beckoned.

But while the VPL is ridiculous and mostly unavoidable, there’s another much-maligned line that we should all try to embrace this summer. • Cheers to embracing what we've been told not to wear because it doesn't "flatter our body type".On the other hand, there must come a point where pixels cease to be visible in a home theater environment, such that buying more of them at inflated prices stops being worth it.Sure, 4K can be a big help with 3D footage, because it boosts the resolution to each eye -- something we experienced with the REDray projector.In fact, though I stayed in North Vancouver, since the Joe Fortes Branch of the Vancouver Public Library was just over the soaring Lions Gate Bridge and through bucolic Stanley Park, it was easier to reach than any of the libraries in my suburb.Though the front could easily be mistaken for a funky café, this branch is actually part of a large joint operation with the West End Community Centre and the King George High School.

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