Silent dating

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It's a withdrawal of approval, and can generate much fear in people who are vulnerable to this.You're giving people the silent treatment when you shut down to them, closing your heart and refusing to interact with them or acknowledge their presence.Does your partner shut you out completely when angry?

Some have argued that the silent treatment is more abusive than physical harm as it can be more appropriately thought of as a form of torture. It is usually used to express contempt or disapproval.

But how you deal with those bad moments with your partner will determine the longevity and happiness in your relationship.

[Read: How the power of words can make or break your relationship] Sometimes, do you find it easier to just walk away from an argument, slam the door on your partner’s face and give them the silent treatment?

When prisoners are punished, guards isolate them, because being isolated is one of the harshest punishments there is — other than physical abuse.

Likewise, the silent treatment is a form of punishment, a way of attempting to control your partner or others into doing what you want them to do.

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