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We can also confirm the In-Memory Area is not allocated by querying v$SGA. Let’s confirm Database In-Memory is not enabled by examining the feature tracking information.I’m going to force the feature-tracking table to be updated before I query it.Data in the IM column store does not reside in the traditional row format used by the Oracle Database; instead it uses a new column format.

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There are a few different methods available for manual memory management.SQL Server Management Studio supports features and operations that are supported by the database engine on databases with memory-optimized data filegroup, memory-optimized tables, indexes, and natively compiled stored procedures.For database, table, stored procedure, user-defined table type, or index objects, the following SQL Server Management Studio features have been updated or extended to support In-Memory OLTP.For more information, see SQL Server Management Studio The tasks in this topic describe how to use SQL Server Management Studio to manage memory-optimized tables; indexes on memory-optimized tables; natively compiled stored procedures; and user-defined, memory-optimized table types.For information on how to programmatically create memory-optimized tables, see Creating a Memory-Optimized Table and a Natively Compiled Stored Procedure.

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