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Smith and Carlos are perhaps best remembered for giving the raised fist salute from the medalist's podium during the 1968 Summer Olympic Games in Mexico City.Due to the school's original designation as a teachers' college, SJSU's mascot changed many times before the school finally adopted the Spartans as the official mascot and nickname in 1922.Organized athletics are traced back to the Ancient Olympic Games from 776 BCE.The rules and format of the modern events in athletics were defined in Western Europe and North America in the 19th and early 20th century, and were then spread to other parts of the world.The core of this list is the 200 recognized sports with national or international federations.There is also a comprehensive list of team sports that are played around the world. If there is a sport not listed or incorrect, please make a comment below.

If you are on a desktop, you can try clicking CTRL-F on the keyboard and search the page.

You can find even more sports described in the section about unusual sports, and there are plenty of sports that are no longer played, which we have listed as extinct sports. I have made a list of questionable sports, those that may or may not warrant inclusion on this list.

Below is list of just the names of all the sports we are aware of with a very brief summary of each sport.

A BOA statement said: "The panel decided that Christine Ohuruogu's appeal had been successful due to significant mitigating circumstances." Ohuruogu thus became the third British competitor suspended for missing three dates on which they were supposed to be available in the event of a doping test who has subsequently reversed the automatic BOA bye-law imposed for significant doping infringements.

Last November judo player Peter Cousins regained his right to compete in future Olympics, and world triathlon champion Tim Don did likewise last summer.

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