Dating a sex addict

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He would tell me he loved being with me, i was everything he wanted in a woman, wife, friend, and that he was just immature and couldn't commit.

I automatically thought I wasn't good enough and I didn't understand. 2 months went by, i was depressed every day and I missed him. I stopped living my life and doing what made me happy.

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He always use to tell me he couldn't make the commitment to a relationship.For colder British evenings make sure you take a cover up along with you.We suggest either an oversized blazer or how about toughening it up with a battered leather jacket. Good job the high street has a few options for us to choose from.Finally i mentioned my co worker was gay and thats how I knew. He told me that he only ever had gotten head from the same sex twice. I asked him to change his phone number, watched him delete the websites and emails and basically was in denial. I want him to love life and have a passion for life and I am not sure therapy is enough. I can't control him and make him do something if it's not what he truly wants and I don't want to ask questions and have the urge to look on his lap top or phone. All these hurtful things and can be confusing to any person.I automatically thought it was me, i wasn't good enough or what he wanted AGAIN. He has told me after arguments that he wasn't sure he wants to be in a relationship, but he loves me and loves being with me and is trying to make this work. I would try and leave because he asked, pack my things and than he would tell me not to go and I didn't. I am a good looking woman, full of love, life, have a full-time job but I lost myself trying to help and save him. I understand addiction and have been in therapy myself to help myself for being co-dependent. Hi Ashlee, I work with sex addicts and have learned much about them over the years.

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