Updating stock ticker

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Some Features:• Be alerted when your stock raises over or falls below the threshold you set• Click a stock quote in the ticker to see all the details about it• Show the stock's variation charts next to your stocks• Choose the scrolling speed you prefer or make the ticker still• See the stock's fluctuation in percentage or absolute numbers Some add-ons ask for permission to perform certain functions.

Since you’re in control of your Firefox, the choice to grant or deny these requests is yours.

It’s more stable than this VBA function and offers lifetime support and updates.

The VBA function use the Yahoo Finance API, and the code is given below (a spreadsheet also implements the function and gives a few examples of its use).

You can also enter stock information into a cell by using the STOCK formula.

If you want to see updated information as of the previous day's close or change the attribute you're tracking, double-click on the cell.

Monitor your stocks in this light weight ticker, available in 3 different themes.

If the stock doesn't trade for 3 hours, it will be the last trade price from 3 hours ago. The next price will be whatever the next two parties agree upon and so forth.

There's no "official" price -- just the last trade.

Likewise, you can offer to trade a stock at whatever price you want: that's the definition of a limit order.

birth chart spans from Nov 19, of one year to Nov 18, of the next year and not Jan 01 to Dec 31.

This website is neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell stocks, futures or options.

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