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(says tha bible) so surely that is a movement of war from tha jews where im wrong, and of course i know tha bible teaches not to hate, but surely it wud be self denence after doing somethink like that.

no religious rant please, jus adult, informative answers, thanks. I find their religion fascinating but I not agree with it. What I have never understood is that if Christians believe Jesus had to die to save their souls, why be angry at anyone who killed Jesus. The Romans killed Jesus, not the Jews but even still, why be angry at anyone if Jesus had to die.

Though we are definitely not to that point yet, I like the idea.Dear Rabbi, I’m getting married in October to a girl who is not Jewish (she is Hindu, born in India) and we’re having a difficult time finding a Rabbi who will marry us. And do you have any recommendations for Rabbis that would consider performing the ceremony.It’s important to me and my family that we are married by a Rabbi. Dear Rabbi, I will be married (very soon) to a Jewish woman.These individuals may or may not have any meaningful self-identity as Jews.Generally speaking, if Jewish Catholics practice any religion, that religion is Catholicism.

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