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Kang's father, Clifford Kang, said his son started studying the Islamic faith a couple of years ago during one of his deployments.The senior Kang however was shocked to hear about his son's connection to ISIS. This is the first time I heard about' it, said Clifford Kang when reached by telephone by the Honolulu Star-Advertiser Monday.Here are some statements from the boy regarding mind control. There are a lot of moons that are artificial, like around Saturn and Jupiter and other places, and some people are affected by them.When this moon is built, we are all controlled, with no way to stop it.The Japanese have a particular distaste in creating games that don't look pretty, so they interpreted Athena as a purple haired warrior who roamed the land in a bikini.

Once it’s in place, people won’t be able to get out of it, because they don’t have the information.So one has to wonder - how the hell did SNK come up with this?It all began with an arcade game called, appropriately enough, Athena.The reason I was there was for them to take my information and make me forget it.”“Well, I wasn’t supposed to be awake just yet. He explained this also was being accomplished by putting things in food, chemtrails, radio waves and water.I wasn’t supposed to hear, but I heard about the new moon. “The boy just goes through the whole system where it’s functioning underground and elsewhere, about the genetics and the mind control; the energy technology to lock it all down.

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