Radchart not updating

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It still compiles/runs fine, it just prevents the graph from being seen visually at design time.

This error is discussed extensively here, and a workaround package Oxy Plot. Oxy Plot has the ability to smooth out plot lines automatically, which can be enabled with the following code. However, you can still use Zed Graph in a WPF application by embedding the Zed Graph in a Windows Forms Host object in the WPF project.

NET AJAX: Brothersoft Editor: The versatile nature of the Telerik Chart Control for ASP.

However, this causes a error message to appear in the visual designer when using the PCL library in a WPF application created with Visual Studio 2012.

Graphing program that hasn’t had much development recently, but still relatively powerful.

Nice interactive scaling/scrolling features of graphs, making it easy to look at lots of data on one chart!

The four scales are used in the Chart, the panel Fast Search is intended to mark the proton number Z and neutron number N for concrete nucleus looked for.

With the aim of simplifying of searching and identification of data for looked for nucleus (or nuclei group) the special colors are used (in a manner similar to that for traditional geographical maps) - brown (mountains) - for nuclei with positive deformation, blue (oceans) - negative, and green (plains) - for nuclei with unknown sign of deformation or with zero deformation.

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