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The KLN 90B is a popular GPS device mainly found in general aviation aircraft and small commuters.

It dates back to the early 90s, but it's still widely used today.

Features of the KLN 90B are: -Split screen, showing two different pages at once -Moving map -Up to 26 flightplans can be stored with 30 waypoints each -SID, STAR and non-precision approaches -Enroute and OBS mode -Direct To -Distance, Time, Fuel, Wind, VNAV and many more calculations -Trip planning and flight calculator The EADT KLN 90B closely simulates all features of the real KLN 90B.

X-Plane has been lacking a decent navigation solution for general aviation aircraft for a long time.

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It's a proprietary cable, and I'm told it's the same for the KLN90's.Many online services for virtual flight planning are compatible with that: You can then navigate along your flight plan using one of different map views that provide situational awareness: While flying under VFR, stay alert to any Bravo, Charlie, Delta or special use airspace in the United states (open database, user-expandable): You will be warned when you are about to violate an airspace: using the nearest airport function you always know your nearest alternatives for landing (though we all know X-Avion does a much better job at that!) With a little help from your friend, knowing when to start your descend becomes easy: Before landing, always know who to call: For IFR approaches, load precision and non-precision approaches from a world-wide, updatable database: Review approach transitions and initial approach fixes: and then load any approach and transition into your flight plan: Under ATC (read: when flying online) the vector-to-final function will often be used instead of a transition: The X-Plane 430 is there to help you stay alert to common errors in approach navigation: The GPS is capable of flying non-precision GPS-approaches with a localizer-like guidance and varying CDI sensitivity: If you don't see the runway at the minimum descend altitude, continue to the missed approach point and the flight plan sequencing will go into suspend.It also allows for dual installations that can either use separate flight plans or cross-fill.Nav Data Pro is an update service for navigational data for several Flight Simulator add-ons using an FMC or GPS data for their flights.

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