Kandi burruss dating cameraman

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I love the red leather handbag Phaedra is carrying. It looks like the shoot for SHEEN which I posted here. Kenya says she’s know Roger Bobb for years and he dates a lot of ladies. When Cynthia says that Demetria is pissed that Kenya didn’t deny dating Roger Bobb she says, ” If I had to deny every person the blogs try to tie me too, it would take me just as long as it would for some of these girls to grow their edges back. I thought there was nothing more atrocious than that black Dolly Parton get up in her talking head, but I cannot explain what I am seing now. I actually really like the shirt after staring at her with the DVR paused but I mean there are no words. Anyway, it’s time for Nene’s live HSM pitch and Gregg has a new murse to carry all of Nene’s tampons and body lotion in.I’m not naming any names, Nene, I’m not.” /giggles Kenya goes to meet with Roger Bobb about some projects she wants to work on. It looks like a bowl cut done with rusty garden shears. According to Nene, she is going to “lunch” her product line. I can say things about “the gays” or “gays” but when she says it, it doesn’t seem to come from a place of love. That “cold shoulder tunic” I said I liked when I first saw it, sold out.Enter a word (or two) above and you'll get back a bunch of portmanteaux created by jamming together words that are conceptually related to your inputs.For example, enter "giraffe" and you'll get back words like "gazellephant" and "gorilldebeest".Heather loves juicy scoops, topics and guests and that is just what she'll be delving into each week on her podcast.Much like the very missed Chelsea Lately, that Heather wrote and appeared on since it's inception, Heather will tackle the juiciest and most controversial topics that are in the Zeitgeist.Word on the street is she is full of negativity for the first part of filming. The editing this season is crazy out of order and odd. Aunt Nora makes Kandi sit down and talk with her mother.

We've combined both parts of RHONJ star Dina Manzo's interview.Through various interviews with Chris’ former associates and those that know him closely, the article details how Chris Brown that is allegedly spiraling out of control. On working with Brown: At a February 2016 Vanity Fair Italia shoot, a member of Brown’s team says he observed Brown snorting cocaine, which he was turning to more frequently. It was a ­different person every day.” On the ‘Grass Ain’t Greener’ video shoot: After a chaotic August video shoot in which, according to a witness, Brown — who was flown through a ­forest ­outside Fresno, Calif., in a ­harness while ­wearing gold teeth and a purple ­ponytail — ­threatened a ­cameraman by saying his cousin would “knock his a*s out,” then excused himself to the ­restroom where he was found two hours later, taking a nap.On Brown’s obsession with Karrueche Tran: “He’s always on social media, looking up who Karrueche was with, what she was looking like, what club she was at, who posted to her Instagram.” On spending habits: “[He] spends money before he has it, whether it’s cars, jewelry or drugs,” says a former Brown team member. He never wants to hear he has no money, and he blames everyone [else] when his funds run low.” On Brown’s drug addiction: “He will cuss you out and say, ‘Hey, man, I’m ­functioning.Roger Bobb is very sweet and almost flirtatious with Kenya. I also like she is her natural skin color in these talking heads, it’s a beautiful skin tone much better than when she makes her face 12 shades lighter than her body. And if there is one thing I will cut a bitch over it is if I feel even a twinge that someone is being disrespectful to gay men. She was supposed to return the next morning but I don’t think she did.I think this is about her show she is producing now. CYNTHIA Cynthia is back at work and looking stunning.

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