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When I say life cycle, I can hear you murmur “Oh no not again, how many life cycles I have to deal with”!In real world everything has life cycle, then why not in programming, after all, software is all about mimicking real life.For example, a session could be used to track a validated user login followed by a series of directed activities for a particular user. For each request, the client transmits the session ID in a cookie or, if the browser does not allow cookies, the server automatically writes the session ID into the URL.The Sun Java System Application Server supports the servlet standard session interface, called A cookie is a small collection of information that can be transmitted to a calling browser, which retrieves it on each subsequent call from the browser so that the server can recognize calls from the same client.and after log in and do something, and we want to log out. and we go again to login.zul, but how we retrieve a new session? By: henrichen Here is the code that I test the session invalidation.

At the end of the article you will find a project implementing the pseudo session mechanism in a bean that you can use in any Java Server Pages (JSP) applications. The implication is Web applications do not have information about previous HTTP requests by the same user.

It may or may not provide with more features of luxury but the minimum is guaranteed.

Servlet specification ensures that, the minimum features provided make the session management job easier.

by Budi Kurniawan 03/01/2001 Session tracking is a method for maintaining the state of a series of requests from the same user.

However, this method is not a perfect solution to many situations, especially if your application needs to scale.

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