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Chornovil herself said there were "at least two" assailants.

"I started running, they began pursuing me," she said in video comments posted on the Ukrainska Pravda website.

"They were hitting me on the head, they were not saying anything, they were just hitting," said the young woman, her face bruised and swollen.

The news site said, citing relatives, that Chornovil was hospitalised with a broken nose, a concussion and multiple bruises.

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Immediately before the attack on her, Chornovol made an on-site investigation of the suburban alleged property of Ukraine's Internal Affairs Minister (police chief) Vitaliy Zakharchenko and published a blog report with photos Reacting to Chornovol's 25 December 2013 beating, Ukrayinska Pravda and Chornovol's husband announced that they "suspected each and every person whom Tetiana Chornovol wrote about" personally, including President Yanukovych, in "ordering that attack", until proven otherwise.

Chornovol openly admits committing various petty crimes in the course of her political acts and investigations, including trespassing and defacing property (such as by spray painting and egg pelting), and encourages other activists to follow her lead in nonviolent resistance way.

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