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In Time (2011)Cinema has a grand old tradition of leading men who romantically sweep ladies off their feet—and another, darker tradition of leading men who unromantically sweep ladies into vehicles at gunpoint.

Much as stalking in romantic comedies is generally rewarded by love, kidnapping in dramas often turns romantic once the victim realizes that the man had really good reasons for threatening her life and using her as a hostage or bargaining chip.

Ericsson Globe (originally known as Stockholm Globe Arena, commonly referred to in Swedish simply as Globen (The Globe)) is an indoor arena located in Stockholm Globe City, Johanneshov district of Stockholm, Sweden.

The Ericsson Globe is the largest hemispherical building on Earth and took two and a half years to build.

But given that he spends half the movie dragging her unwittingly and unwillingly into his problems, starting by grabbing her and kissing her on a train, trying to force her to pretend that they’re lovers in order to throw his pursuers off the scent, he isn’t exactly blameless, either.

In the Saturday morning break-in, security camera footage shows large vehicle backing into the warehouse through a loading dock door.

The vehicle, which appeared to be a minivan, had its back window smashed in so the thieves could put the boxes in more quickly.

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